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Wilderness Walk for 11-4-2010

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It's Butch on the brain today. Could be a very, very good thing for the Wild with Antti Miettinen and Guillaume Latendresse both hurting. Although, Butch could still be two or more weeks away, depending on how his rehab stint goes. After that, I'm guessing they don't throw him into the top six minutes he will eventually get, and the points are not going to just magically start piling up.

Butch has already missed a full season+ and it will take a bit for him to get it all back. It's not like he's walking into coloring pictures for a living. This could take a bit yet, so be patient.

As always, check out the Facebook Question of the Day, and consider making a donation to the Hockey Wilderness Movember team, would you?

Wild News:

As Wild's Bouchard can attest, concussion recovery takes time - - The near return of Butch is going to instigate a ton of writing about him and his concussion. Be ready.

Thursday morning thoughts | - Russo's Rants from this AM.

Hits will keep on coming for Bouchard | - Russo weighs in with his thoughts on Butch's return.

Richards seeks more grit from forwards | - With two top 6 forwards injured, the way the Wild won against the Sharks may need to be the way they win.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Night of blowouts and first goals - Things seems to be happening in bunches this season. Works well for KiPA.

Off the Trail:

Wild Offer Military Discount Nights - The Wild now have an offer for members to get a good deal and go see a game. Good stuff. Check it out.