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What would make your game-day experience better?

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Part 2 of the "Enhance Your Experience" feature, sponsored by Samsung (disclosure, I have a Samsung LED TV, and it's fabulous, but I paid for it. If only I could get a free one out of them, hint, hint.)

We decided to reach out to the community to find out what they felt would be ways to make the game-day experience better. I mean, we have our ideas, but we are few, while the community is many.

What do the followers of Hockey WIlderness on Twitter and Facebook think would make the game day experience even better?

@jasondouglas - In person, electronic ordering" scan credit cards, ID's (Need one ID per drink for legal purposes), limit traffic in aisles?

This is brilliant. Seriously brilliant. Jason is onto something here. If the Apple Store staff and Flight Attendants can carry card readers, why can't vendors at the X? How much easier would this make getting loaded in the stands?

@monicamcalister - give aways! in the arena they toss shirts and such - some of us live a little far from the arena to go.

Both the Wild on Facebook and Twitter and FSN on their broadcasts have done a great job in periodic giveaways and contests, but Monica's right, fans love giveaways and it drives interest in the social media channels for the teams.

@TheSuss - A team that plays 3 periods every night. #snarkyanswerstosoftballquestions

Tom Powers doesn't think this is important. #sorrytom

@Happygirl1029 - besides my team winning?

Well, she's a Stars fan, so we disagree with her, but I understand the sentiment.

@redheadzeb - CenterIce package through #Comcast in full HD. Only one HD channel now. SD terrible.

I've never had the Center Ice package through Comcast, but I did watch a couple games on the preview week, and yeah, hockey in SD is the suck once you've had full HD, and I understand that Samsung televisions have extraordinary clarity and sound (cha-ching)

@msconduct10 - Locker room aroma pumped into my living room. Mmmm. #bacteria

We covered this last week Heather. You're gross.

@remedina - In person. With a cold beer in hand.

Agreed.There is no better way to experience the speed and grace of professional hockey. Too bad you can't drink in the press box.

@hjb001 - At 'x' the music btwn face-offs has to change. It's stale and annoying.

Last season I would tend to agree, but this season the music has drastically improved, though Dallas still has the best in-game music at American Airlines Center.

@dshowers - Views from different angles. End to end for example to watch plays develop. Even on replays would be cool.

This is a great idea, one Bryan will be bringing home in a big way next week. Seriously, stay tuned, his concept is genius, I hope you all read it, share it on the internets and send it to the NHL. I am not joking. Michael DiLorenzo will be receiving multiple copies of Bryan's next Friday post from me.

@PredsOnTheGlass - I dislike the sideline TV view and much prefer a high end zone view from the rear of the action, especially on the PP.

Sounds like NHL 95 to me.


@MNhockeyforum - feeling the ice showers sprayed on me through the TV

This could be refreshing, but sets a bad precedent, especially if it continues to Luongo wiping the sweat out of his greasy, stringy hair. I don't need that in my face.

Seth Hovland - I'd love to hear what the players, coaches and officials say to each other during the games. I know the reason we don't though.

Again, stay tuned next week. Bryan has you covered.

Chris Winner - The obvious would be not having to listen to Dumb & Dumberer.

This is why you go to games. I avoid them 41 times a season.

Gabriel Thomas - Ice girls?

You mean something like this?


I'm sorry, The Xcel Energy Center is a family-friendly environment. Only booze, fights, swearing and attacking visiting Chicago police officers are allowed. The line must be drawn somewhere. Won't somebody think of the children??

Okay Wilderness, no holds barred, lay it on us. What would make you enjoy the game day experience more?