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Wilderness Walk for 11-7-2010

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The ClutterStache is pleased.
The ClutterStache is pleased.

Anyone else exhausted after back-to-back games? I bet Tom Powers is. I mean, he had to write about two games in two days. Probably without any chocolates. That gets tough, sometimes. Four days off, Tom. Enjoy them.

Since you will all be so well rested for the next few days, make sure you suggesting the Hockey Wilderness Facebook page to your friends. After all, what better time to become a fan than during a lull when nothing else is going on, right? They can get in on the Facebook Question of the Day, and maybe they would then be tempted to join the Hockey Wilderness Movember team, or make a donation.

Or, maybe they work too hard for that. Sorry Tom.

Wild News:

Blue Jackets suffer Burns at both ends of ice | - Suffer Burns. Get it? Russo's gamer.

Wild wins third straight, upends Columbus; Burns dominant; Theodore solid; Clutterbuck provides highlight | - Russo's Rants, post game.

Brent Burns, Cal Clutterbuck help Minnesota Wild pick up third win in a row - - Bruce Brothers' gamer.

Different goalie, similar performance - - Theodore was rock solid in net. The Wild could have makings of a solid 1 - 2 here. Interesting.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Close-knit Saturday - Stupid Cam Ward.

Off the Trail:

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: A sentimental old rascal | - Russo has a look at Dino Ciccarelli as Dino prepares to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Writer apologizes for accusations about Hall demanding No. 4 - Here's to making crap up and getting called on it!