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Announcing the Grand Opening of the Hockey Wilderness Store!

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Quite awhile ago, SBNation provided a way in which to offer our readers t-shirts, hoodies, and the like to help us all be even more obsessive than we already are. We never did much with it, figuring that we had little to offer in the way of ideas for designs that people would actually want to wear, let alone pay for.

In recent months, it has become clear that the Wilderness is stocked with people just crazy enough to enjoy this type of apparel, and thus, we starting asking more questions, getting some answers, and we have no decided to launch the Hockey Wilderness store with our first design.

Should you not understand all of the fun involved in this simple design, please go back and read our reply to Tom Powers at the Pioneer Press. It will all make way more sense after that.

There you have it, Wilderness readers. Your first Hockey Wilderness themed t-shirt. Be the first to own this unique and, if I may say so myself, awesome shirt. It is available in the Hockey Wilderness store in multiple styles. If you decide to order one, let us know. We want to know about everything. Shipping speed, quality of the shirts, comfort level, etc.

Buy them up, folks. Wear them proudly, and let the world know that you are truly a fan of hard working hockey teams! More designs will be available soon. Have an idea? Let us know in the comments, or send us an email!