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Wilderness Walk for 11-8-2010

One thing you may want to work on, kid... eyes up. Just sayin.
One thing you may want to work on, kid... eyes up. Just sayin.

You want to know what happens when the Wild take a Sunday off? Martin Havlat ends up at the Vikings game, and we end up with a Walk that more resembles a single fan shot. There was one story that came back in a search result for Josh Harding about a boy being trampled by an elephant in Vietnam. I read it. It had nothing to do with Harding, nor with hockey. Surprisingly enough, it also had nothing to do with Kyle Wellwood.

Get it? Wellwood? Elephant? Never mind.

Make the jump, take your Walk, and go enjoy your Monday. Should be a great one.

First Things First:

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Wild News:

Wild's four-day break just what doctor ordered | - Four days off (from games). Sounds nice, doesn't it?

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Deja vu - Saint Louis is a dangerous team, folks. Good goaltending, solid offense, solid defense... Hawks and Red Wings fans unite on only one thing, their hatred of the Blues. This could get good.