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Hockey Wilderness Store: Available Designs

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In case any of you missed the announcement yesterday, the Hockey Wilderness store is now open for business. Soon, we will have a "store front" permanently displayed on the sidebar, but for now, we wanted to make sure you knew that there are six (SIX!) designs available for purchase.

Sorrytomss_medium Team_mikko_medium Team_matt_medium

Team_rob_medium Kaptain_finland_medium Fear_the_stache_medium


  • All are available in multiple sizes, multiple colors, and multiple styles.
  • All profits from the "Fear the 'Stache" shirt will be donated to Movember.
  • More designs should be available soon. For now... buy these. Be the coolest kid on your block.

There you have it, the fully stocked, fully available Hockey Wilderness store! $22.99 per t-shirt, free shipping. Enjoy, and send us pictures of you wearing your gear!