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Wilderness Walk for 11-9-2010

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Yes! Eyes up! Great job, kid. You learn so quick.
Yes! Eyes up! Great job, kid. You learn so quick.

There is actually something to read today, how about them apples?Sometimes I wonder if other cities have this problem, where there just isn't anything written about their team by anyone other than the beat writer. Then I remember that most NHL teams have so many people covering them that they don't even let the blogs in, and it makes me feel a little better.

Still... if anyone out there is reading this, feel free to write a little something something about the Wild on your NHL themed blog. If it doesn't suck, our readers would appreciate an outside voice every now and again. No, not you Tom.

Before you head into the Walk, are you checking out the Facebook Question of the day? We're having some conversations over there, and you know you want to be part of it. How about the Hockey Wilderness Movember page? Have you checked that out? Contemplated signing up to help or make a donation (we're up to $433)? Perhaps you want something out of the deal. If that is the case, head over to the Hockey Wilderness store and buy a "Fear the 'Stache" shirt. All profits from that shirt go to Movember.

Wild News:

Coach hits right notes to get Wild going early | - Seriously good stuff. Must read.

New teeth fix Schultz's smile | - Nick Schultz: Movember participant, tougher than Brett Favre, hockey player.

Schultz, minus some chicklets, practices; Miettinen returns | - Russo's blog with more on Schultz's teeth.

Minnesota Wild's Miettinen returns to practice but status still uncertain - - Mittens is back. Or will be shortly. Where do you put him upon his return?

Off the Trail:

SB Nation Gets More Funding, Acquires SportsRadioInterviews - CNBC - Not that any of you would, or should, care about this, but Hockey Wilderness is part of SBNation. Anything that makes SBN stronger can only benefit HW.

Sabre Magazine - Sabre Insider - Believe it or not, this is a story about Coach Yeo.