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Let's Meet: Warren Peters

So, Casey Wellman scores a natural hat trick in the first period, the Wild need a forward, and the Wild call up... Warren Peters? What's a kid gotta do these days to get a sniff?

I kid, I kid. Peters has been playing very well this season. According to The Third Intermission, he is playing "his best hockey of the year." That's good, because he's going to need to find yet another level now, as the Wild will very likely use him against the Kings tonight.

Make the jump, and let's meet Warren Peters.

As you can see above, Peters has been around for awhile now. Seven AHL seasons with a handful of organizations, none monumentally impressive, but still respectable. Judging purely by the numbers, Peters looks to be a grinder coming up to shore up the depth lines. Tons of PIMs, willing to drop the gloves, willing to make a hit.

In their introductions series, Ms. Conduct of T3I wrote this:

Peters is what I call a "glue guy." Gritty, plays with an edge, and has decent skill with the puck. He was the captain of the Quad Cities team a few years back, so he's got some leadership cred and a veteran who's been around this league, been up in a show a few times, and knows how to be a professional.

He's coming off a career year with Texas, but I don't know that I would expect 20 goals from him every season. If he can bring those other intangibles and create some chances and play a good defensive game, he'll be golden.

The Wild could use some glue right about now, to be honest. A big win in Phoenix has quelled the calls for riots, but if the losses start again, things will get loud again quickly. That said, don't expect Peters to replace Matt Cullen. HE can certainly fill the hole in the roster, but the skill sets are completely different.

Think Cal Clutterbuck, not Martin Havlat.

To further the point, a search of Warren Peters on Youtube does not return results featuring highlight reel goals. Instead, it is a long fight card, with bouts such as this one:


Maybe these two re-introduce themselves tonight.

It will be fun to watch Peters and see what he can bring to the team. Anything that adds a spark would certainly be welcome.

Welcome back to the show, sir. Make the most of it.