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Wilderness Walk for 12-11-2010: Game Day Edition

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New game. What ARE these guys staring at?
New game. What ARE these guys staring at?

I would give you a nice intro to your Walk, but I sliced my thumb at work last night, and don't really feel like typing much this AM. So, make sure you have some fun with the picture above, visit Facebook for the Question of the Day, and make sure you go enter for the free Flip cam. Giveaway is tomorrow!

Have great day all.

Wild News

Wild recalls center Warren Peters; Wellman scores four in Aeros' win | - I've heard nothing but great things about Wellman's game last night. Natural hat trick in the first period? Yes please. As for Peters - more on him coming in a bit.

Wild defenseman makes a sizable jump | - Jared Spurgeon is small. We all know that. So how did he make it this far? Everyone with me... HARD WORK (Sorry Tom).

Phoenix Coyotes coach Dave Tippett knows what Wild's Todd Richards is going through - - If Tippett knows what he is going through, maybe he can help get the Wild out of this?

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Brodeur's return not enough as Devils lose again - Freakin Devils. I hate you.