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Bobby Ryan Scores With Mikko Koivu's Stick

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This is, by far, the most bizarre thing I have seen in a hockey game in my life. Mikko Koivu loses his stick, skates over and steals Bobby Ryan's stick. As the battle continues, Ryan picks up Koivu's stick, takes a pass, and pots a goal using Koivu's stick, which just so happens to be the wrong hand on top of it all.

The best part? Bobby Ryan then shows Koivu his own stick. Well done, Mr. Ryan. Well done.

You want to be pissed at Ryan, you really do, but that was just plain awesome. In an intermission interview with FSN, Ryan had this to say:

We got in a battle, and somehow Mikko got my stick. I saw his there so I thought I'd pick it up and entertain myself. Somehow the puck found me.

Well, Bobby, you certainly entertained us, if not yourself. The question still remains, however. Did Ryan give Koivu his stick back?

UPDATE 11:55PM - Bobby Ryan on Twitter:

Wish that was a missed quote. Ouch. Wasn't a taunt btw. Was enjoying my goal and showing perry I can score left handed!