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Wilderness Walk for 12-13-2010

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After a handful of days in which your Walk was barely present, we come back with a vengeance today. Well, OK, not really, but at least I feel fully conscious while doing this one, which is a bonus.

We'll have a bit more analysis later today, but the road trip was exactly what I thought it would be. A mixed bag of hard work (Sorry Tom), dumb luck, and poor play. In four games, the Wild gave a synopsis of their entire season. OT loss, win, ugly win, big time ugly loss. About sums it up, right?

Back to today. Make sure you head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day. It involves a goal you may or may not have seen. Finally, congrats to Tara for winning the Wild branded Flip cam! Be sure to share some of whatever it is you are going to film with it.

Wild News

Ducks star-studded first line combines for 6 goals, 11 points in rout over Wild | - Read that again. 11 points. Eleven. Le sigh.

Ducks' top line shows Wild new tricks | - New tricks. Hat tricks, magic tricks... they, quite simply, destroyed the Wild.

Burns getting a big rush from overtime winners | - Good to see Burnzie having some fun out there.

Anaheim's top line sticks it to Minnesota Wild, 6-2 - - Gamer from across the river.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Wackiness ensues on Sunday - It really was just an odd day yesterday. I'm going to have to agree.

Off the Trail

On the war against personality in today's NHL - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - After Linus Omark scored a rather ordinary shootout goal, the Lightning had a melt down that would make my youngest envious. It created controversy where none need exist. Sean Leahy has a pretty goo take on the whole mess of boring personalities in the NHL.