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Wilderness Walk for 12-15-2010

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Days without a Walk, I feel lethargic all day long, how about you? No motivation, difficult to get the blood pumping. Good things we got that new rumor generator to play with. Have you sent in your random tidbit of information yet? It doesn't work without you, so send in your random ramblings.

Also, we will be continuing our 12 days of Wild Christmas song in just a bit. Get your singing voices ready. Oh, and head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day. Spirited conversation the past few days. Good stuff.

Enjoy your day, all.

Wild News

Theodore pushing Backstrom for playing time | - Two take aways from this article. One, the team should be ashamed of themselves for putting their starting goalie in the position. Two, Andrew Brunette is awesome.

Jose Theodore's improved play means Niklas Backstrom, the Minnesota Wild's highest-paid player, will have to share time in the goal - - Focusing in a bit on the stats Backstrom leads the franchise in. Just a bit, though. Good quote from Backstrom, too. Without blaming his team, he makes he clear he feels he is playing the right way. I tend to agree.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Flyers dethrone Penguins; Leafs win, Leafs win! - I with KiPA. I didn't think the Pens were supposed to lose. Someone missed their line, I think.

Off the Trail

How to Cheer for a Losing Team - Great piece from our friends at View from My Seats. With things unlikely to turn around, I figured a lesson in how to handle another losing season might be helpful.

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