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Final Tally: Hockey Wilderness Movember Team Raises $910

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$910! Yea!
$910! Yea!

While Movember 2010 is a fond memory already, we wanted to give it some time to simmer before reporting the final numbers. A handful of the team had matching grants from their employers, and that took a bit of time to sort out. However, we have the final number, and it much more than I expected.

I cannot speak for Nathan, but I figured this would be the two of us, we would raise $50 and we would be proud of ourselves. No one could have convinced me that the readers would respond the way they did, and together we raised $910!

Amazing. Simply, amazing. Thank you to everyone who joined the team, and to everyone who donated. We look forward to doing this again next year, when we shoot for $2000!

For the final ranks on top fundraisers, make the jump.

Rob Sasser $225
Stephen Pepper $208
Bryan Reynolds $100
Mandy Schlax $95
Chris Winner $60
Agnes Reis $52
Nathan Eide $50
Scott Anderson $45

Amazing job by Rob and Stephen to both raise over $200. To everyone who participated, please pass our Hockey Wilderness' warmest thanks for their donations. It means the world to us that people joined the fight against cancer. As I said above... let's knock it out of the park next year!