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Wilderness Walk for 12-18-2010: Game Day Edition

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Ah, sleep. The sweet elixir should be a Greek Goddess with an altar at which I could worship. Just sayin.

We have hockey tonight, folks. Against Calgary, a team that is, sadly, above the Wild in the standings. It really is disappointing to see where the Wild are, holding company with some very bad hockey teams. That said, they are there, and you only end up there if your deserve it.

Maybe tonight is the night they run off a 20-game winning streak. Hey, the Twins signed a Japanese super star shortstop. Stranger things have happened. That's your daily dose of positive thinking. Now, head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day, and make sure you send in your "fact" based intelligence reports. We know our readers have more random information than we have received. Don't be afraid, we don't bite. Unless you want us to.

Wild News

Wild turns adversity into hot-button talking point | - They did some talking on the ice before practice. I want to say that discussing the issue is a good thing, but the time for talk was a month ago. Make it happen.

Matt Cullen set to return to Wild after three-game absence - - It will be good to have Cullen back. What type of impact will he make? No one knows.

Enemy News

Sports News | Calgary Flames | Hockey Scores & Schedules | Football | Basketball | Calgary Herald - Wonder what's going on with the Flames? Find out here.

Matchsticks and Gasoline - SBN home of the Flames. Good people, good writing. Good times.

KiPA' Korner

Hitting The Post: Panthers maul Buffalo; Hawks nip Wings - Wrapping up last night's action.

Off the Trail

A day for easing old hurts | The Columbus Dispatch - Excellent article about the meeting of a family and player sharing the same grief for far too long. You really should check this one out.