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The 12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day Five

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We don't need no stinking rings. They're ugly anyway.

When projects such as this are taken up, it is unclear if anyone will enjoy them. We plod on, having started it, and now needing to finish it. This time around, I don't really care. I am entertaining myself. Hopefully you all are enjoying it, too, but I am, so I'm happy.

Also, hopefully none of our non- Christian, non-Christmas friends are offended by using the Twelve Days of Christmas song for this project. As we have said each day thus far, we looked for a "The Twelve Days of Festivus" but after an exhausting search, the pole fell limp.

Sad, really.

Today's verse is after the jump.

For those who forgot the tune, and haven't watched the videos for the past four days:

It turns into a commercials about half way...

And today's verse is:

On the fifth day of Wild Christmas, the Wild gave to me:

NOOOOOO STANLEY CUP RINGS! Four blind officials, three fightin' Finns, two periods of actual hockey, and an owner who keeps gnashing his teeth.