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The 12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day Seven

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A little luck, and the stars aligning never hurts when working on a project like this. It was nice of Mr. Dater to bring up the contract extension for Mikko Koivu just in time for it to be part of our song. It works well to help tie stories together, and provide a common theme, a "message" as politicians call it. So, thanks, Mr. Dater.

Anyone who is still offended by the use of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" tune in our little game, I apologize. As I have stated for the past six days, and again today, the song suits our purpose at the moment. We searched for other versions, such as "The Twelve Days of Kwanzaa" but it turns out it just doesn't exist. So... we went with what we had. No offense was intended, we swear it.

Make the jump for today's verse.

For those who are still a bit behind the curve and don't know the tune. Or, if you are from Vancouver, here is the song we are using:


And now today's verse:

On the seventh day of Wild Christmas, the Wild gave to me:

SEVEN years of Mikko, six draft busts, NOOOOO STANLEY CUP RINGS! Four blind officials, three fightin' Finns, two periods of actual hockey, and an owner who keeps gnashing his teeth.