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Wilderness Walk for 12-21-2010

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It is difficult to find enough superlatives to describe last night's game. We'll just stick with: it was a big win for a desperate team. While two wins in a row are nice, they are not enough. It remains to be seen if this is an aberration, or if this is the real deal. Until they rattle of ten in a row, or say 11 out of 12 or so, I'm still not sure this team is a threat to anyone.

Still, nice to see them stay out of last place.

Head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day, and submit your "fact" based intelligence reports. We fire up the HWRG2000 either today or tomorrow.

Wild News

Havlat wakes up Wild in third | - Funny that Russo doesn't include anything about the how the Wild "would love to be rid of Havlat." He must just be holding out on us, right?

Rookie defensemen get nod over Barker | - They also made it difficult to put him back in the lineup. Next step, waivers. OK, probably not, but still.

Wild build hope after second straight win over Calgary - - Gamer from the Pioneer Press.

Wild sends a message to struggling Cam Barker by making him a healthy scratch - - More on the Barker situation.

Confident Wild capture victory against Flames - FSN, checking in.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Penguins roll; Surprising shutouts - Penguins win, Flyers lose. KiPA is a happy, happy man.

Off the Trail

The Guardian Project | Facebook - We should have a bit more on this later today, but you can now vote for the Wild themed hero to be the first released. They are facing off against Dallas.

Islanders heckled while visiting children’s hospital | Off the Bench - There is a time, and a place people. I swear to you, if a Wild fan does this, you will be mocked mercilessly. If I am present at the time, you may be injured. You have been warned.