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The 12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day Nine

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We're getting down there now, folks. We are on day nine of twelve. Who would have thought it would actually get this far? The will power of the idiot author of these things is commendable. Wait...

About to send a letter wanting to know why the state is sponsoring religion? First off, we aren't the state. While we wield massive amounts of power, we have no power to issue warrants. So, it isn't state sponsored anything. Secondly, we are about as non-religious a group as you can find. So, we needed a tune, and being that there is not a "Twelve Days of Las Posadas," we went with what we know. No offense intended, we promise.

Make the jump for today's verse, and sing it loudly and proudly at your office holiday party.

Anyone not know the song we are using here? If you are, by chance, a "reporter" for the Denver post, here is the song:

And today's verse:

On the ninth day of Wild Christmas, the Wild gave to me:

The ninth draft position, eight remaining teeth, SEVEN years of Mikko, six draft busts, NOOOOO STANLEY CUP RINGS!!!! Four blind officials, three fightin' Finns, two periods of actual hockey, and an owner who keeps gnashing his teeth.