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Wilderness Walk for 12-22-2010

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Hey all. I know this space is generally reserved for some early AM snark, or a dig at Vancouver. Today, I would like to personally ask you to help out the people at Defending the Blue Line. They, like most charitable groups in this economy, have more people who need their services than they have money to help those very deserving people. So, I ask that you make a donation to their Christmas Goal Campaign.

Any amount is accepted, and would be greatly appreciated. Remember, DTBL helps military families keep their kids playing hockey. Ask yourself if you watched your mom or dad leave for Afghanistan, would you want to then give up hockey without a choice as well?

The people at DTBL are good, honorable people, and you have my word that this money goes to a great cause. So please, consider making a donation today. Of any size. Thank you, Wilderness.

Now, back to the fun. Head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day (yes, there actually is one today), and don't forget to submit your intelligence reports for the HWRG2000. We already have a few that have come in for the next run, but the more, the merrier. Finally, if you have a Twitter account, and want to win a Guardians reveal poster, check out the Twitter ReTweet contest.

Wild News | News | Headlines | Burnzie’s Battle Honours - Want some proof of the good works DTBL is doing? How about the fact the the NHLPA donated 100 sets of gear to them after Brent Burns and George Parros worked hard (Sorry Tom) to secure it?

Wild, post-practice | - Kent Youngblood gives you the scoop after practice.

Brodziak helps line connect for Wild | - That's right. (GLUE) is doing exactly what he is supposed to. Am I right, SpaethCo?

Nick Schultz's head injury lingers; he'll miss Thursday's Wild game - - I have been thinking about this for the last few hours. What kind of "head injury" keeps someone out of games and practice, but isn't a concussion. I'm really asking here. Anyone have some ideas?

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Caps grind down Devils; Quick blanks Avs - Great, so the Avs were shutout? That bodes well for the Wild.

Off the Trail

Mary Rogan Examines NHL Legend Brian Burke and His Advocacy for Gay Athletes: Profiles: GQ - Have you cried today? If you need to get some emotions running, read this. Very powerful piece about Brian Burke and how he is dealing with the loss of his son, and fulfilling the promises he made to him. When I read it, I literally had to go wake up my kids and give them hugs.