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The 12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day Ten

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If you haven't done you shopping yet, may we recommend a subscription to the Denver Post? Along with the usual prattling on about Peter Forsberg's eventual return to the Mile High City, you can also get random baseless rumors about the Northwest division foes. It really is quite the deal. Maybe you could give it on day SEVEN.

If there is someone out there who is still not offended by our take on Twelve Days of Christmas, we truly hope that you would understand that we mean no harm. The Twelve Days of Christmas just happens to have the right tune, and it works. If you send me a song called The Twelve Days of Saturnalia, we certainly would have used that. However, Rome burned, so it is unlikely... We'll just stick with what we have.

For those who actually had a horse in the race last night between the Wings and the Nucks, here is the song we are referring to:


And today's verse:

On the tenth day of Wild Christmas the Wild gave to me:

Ten years of hockey, the ninth draft position, eight remaining teeth, SEVEN years of Mikko, six draft busts, NOOOOO STANLEY CUP RINGS!!! Four blind officials, three fightin' Finns, two periods of actual hockey, and an owner who keeps gnashing his teeth.