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Wilderness Walk for 12-23-2010: Game Day Edition

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Hey, hey, it's game day! Indeed, folks, the Wild play tonight... on Christmas eve eve for those of you keeping track at home. Sounds like everyone made it to the hotel OK, after taking a scenic tour of Colorado fields and malls along the way.

This also marks a chance for all of you to release a little tension at the expense of someone who may or may not have indicated that the Wild "would love to be rid" of Martin Havlat, and are "nervous" about MIkko Koivu's deal. Yes, the Avs are covered by Mr. Dater, and he will be covering the game this evening. Feel free to vent your frustrations here.

Until game time, head to Facebook for the Question of the Day, and if you have any holiday encounters that are even slightly hockey related, please send them in for the HWRG2000.

Just a warning, I will not be around this evening. As much as I want to unleash the snark, I have family in town and must be absent. Le sigh.

Wild News

Wild coach says Barker needs more bite | - More bite, indeed. Hell, at this point, I think we settle for a heartbeat.

Minnesota Wild need Cam Barker to regain scoring touch - - Scoring? SCORING? OK, scoring would be great, but still... scoring? How about anything? Anything at all. Even a mean look...

Enemy News

Usually I would link to the Colorado newspaper and their beat writer, but it seems he has given up his career to work for HockeyBuzz. Interesting decision.

Mile High Hockey - SBNation's home for Colorado Avalanche coverage.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Crosby, Crawford continue to shine - Funny enough, I have both players on one of my fantasy teams. Niiice.