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Wilderness Walk for 12-27-2010

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Great game last night, eh? Hopefully you all looked at the SOG chart in the game re-cap. If not, you should. You will learn a valuable lesson about how to win a game. Limit shots in the high percentage areas, and fire the puck at the net as much as possible. It is not a difficult recipe, yet the Wild haven't figured it out yet.

Seriously... you need to see it, so here it is again:


Yeah. Absolutely not a good game.

Let's move forward, shall we? The Wild go tonight into a a building they never play well in. By the end of this week, the bandwagon will most likely be empty. Plenty of seats still remaining, indeed.

For entertainment purposes, head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day. Things will be a bit behind schedule today as I head out to head some family clear ice dams on their houses, but the game thread will be up if nothing else. We'll see you all later. Stay warm, folks.

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