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Wilderness Walk for 12-28-2010

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Is it really 10:30? Yikes. I did battle with ice dams on the houses of some family members yesterday, and I was spent. Somehow, I was allowed to actually sleep in this morning. So, sorry for the delay. If you have no idea what an ice dam is, check out this Google image search. Yeah, loads of fun.

No game today, and only a workout at 11, so there may not be much news. Russo figures they will send down a d-man today, which makes sense, but do they also call up a forward, and if so, who?

While we wait, check out the Facebook Question of the Day, and send in your "fact" based information for the HWRG2000. Kobe Bryant thanks you in advance.

Wild News

Wild draws penalties but can't capitalize | - They definitely had their chances last night. What is it about shooting but not scoring? Hmmm... maybe they need a finisher.

Wild fires Mason with 40 shots but lose in shootout; Roster move coming? | - That would be "Fires 40 at Mason." Russo is sick, cut him some slack.

Shootout ruins productive night for Minnesota Wild - - The shootout is ridiculous. What a stupid, stupid idea.

Friend's death hits Minnesota Wild's Cam Barker hard - - I have nothing to add here. Sorry for your loss, Cam.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Osgood gets #400 - Is Ozzy Hall of Fame worthy, now? Wasn't he before?

Off the Trail

Fans Claim NHL Official Taunted Them (Puck-Rakers Blog) - Nope. Sorry folks, not buying it.