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Wilderness Walk for 12-29-2010: Game Day Edition

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The guy in the background is enjoying this WAY too much.
The guy in the background is enjoying this WAY too much.

The big, bad Sharks are in town tonight. The Wild? Well, it has yet to be seen if they will be. Another of the NHL's best teams, so expectations are certainly low for this evening. Certainly would be nice to see them show up at least. The game against Detroit was embarrassing, and the game against Columbus didn't do much either.

Need to see some hard work (Sorry Tom) out there, gentlemen.

To get you through until game time, head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day. I am really interested to see your responses. Also, send in some "fact" based information for the HWRG2000. We'll have another run of rumors very soon.

Also, Russo is scheduled to have a live chat over on the Strib's site at 2PM. Get your questions ready.

Wild News

Staubitz punches up the intensity | - "Punches." Get it? Honestly, Stubitz impressed me for the first time all season. Keep it up, sir.

Jared Spurgeon left a big impression on the Minnesota Wild - - Nothing against the kid, but reading the quotes about him it really seems like he is only impressive because no one expected him to be able to play. That just doesn't cut it, does it?

Wild prospect hurt in U.S. win | - I have been told it was a nasty, cheap hit. If anyone sees video of it, please let me know where.

NHL Standings: Wild Hold Steady... Again - SB Nation Minnesota - Someone you may know looks at where the Wild sit in the standings.

Enemy News

San Jose Sharks - San Jose Mercury News -San Jose newspaper.

Fear The Fin - Your SBNation home for everything Sharks.

Off the Trail

USA Hockey - National Hockey Weekend Across America is coming up. Check this out for details.

Tordjman earns second straight ECHL GOTW; Morency recalled by Houston - The Condors (ECHL affiliate of the Wild) have a pretty good goalie on their hands, it seems.