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Wilderness Walk for 12-3-2010: Game Day Edition

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Well, it looks like I got at least half of the story right yesterday. Russo says the scouts likely mean very little, but that the trade market is, in fact, warming. So... while the scouts don't signal anything, trades could still happen. Make sure you read Russo's piece today. I know you all do anyway, but make sure you read this one. If you don't you'll be behind the curve during discussion time.

It is also game day, which means fun with pictures, some links to Calgary news, and well, it means there is a game tonight. That's the best part, right?

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Wild News

GM puts onus on his players ahead of coach | - GM calls you out in the newspaper, says perform, or I'm looking at trades. No pressure boys, no pressure. (This is the must read piece of the day, by the way.)

Bouchard-Havlat connection quickly clicks | - Can't wait to see these two together tonight. Pressure is on, two guys with the ability to make something happen... this could be fun.

Minnesota Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom tries to work off his slump - - Hopefully they aren't making him think too much. Worst thing for a goalie is to think. Just play.

Enemy News

Sports News | Calgary Flames | Hockey Scores & Schedules - Ah, the enemy newspaper. Enjoy, folks. The Flames aren't having a real good year. Enjoy it while you can.

Matchsticks and Gasoline - Then, head over to the SBNation Flames blog. Be civil, but go ahead and talk some smack if you feel the need. Just remember, the Flames shut out the Wild in the last meeting...

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Lots of embarrassing performances Thursday, most on home ice - Ah, embarrassment, and the Wild weren't involved.

Off the Trail

NHL gets subpoena in Cook fraud case | - Interesting ongoing story here in Minnesota on a rich guy who was stealing people's money. The NHL is now involved. Good read, with nothing to do with the Wild.

Obama Discusses LeBron James Homecoming | Breaking Lastest International News - Why do I include this? Well, it came to me via Google Alerts, in a search for James Sheppard. One, it has nothing to do with James Sheppard. Two, the article is written in gibberish. It's awesome. Good for a laugh.