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Wilderness Walk for 12-30-2010

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Without adding to the "OMG, the Wild should claim Rolston!" chants, it sure would be nice to have his presence in the locker room. Not too high, not too low. That was his mantra. The Wild could use that right now.

Reading quotes from last night, the Wild are high on this victory, which is great. There should be excitement after a win. At the same time, there needs to be an understanding that it is only one game, and they have yet to prove anything. Without taking away from a strong game, which the fans appreciated, the Sharks are a team that is slumping hard.

A win is a win. However, it is only one. Build from the positives, but the fans, just like the team, need to temper the high just a bit. Not too high, not too low. OK?

No game today, so you are all stuck watching the WJC on the NHL Network. I know, it's quite the punishment, and I apologize for having to do that to you. You'll like it, I promise. Until then, head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day, and send in some "fact" based information for the HWRG2000. Still shooting to fire it up this week.

Wild News

Wild's win over Sharks puts charge back in Xcel | - Don't want to get booed, play hockey. I hate to say "I told you so," but...

Latendresse stays upbeat; Zidlicky hurt | - Can we all agree to mercilessly mock anyone who asks Russo for an update on Latendresse? As for Zidlicky, it's still blowing me away that no penalty was called. Amazing.

Intensity has become a priority - - I made it as far as asking Brad Staubitz about Sidney Crosby. Let me know how the rest went.

Wild take boos to heart with victory over Sharks - - I'm still stuck on Staubitz talking about Sidney Crosby... sorry.

Off the Trail

Schell’s Rauchbier on deck in Stag Series | - If you like beer, and let;s face it... you either like beer or you aren't old enough to drink... Schell's Stag Series 3 is due to come out on March 1st. Should be tasty, yet again.