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Wilderness Walk for 12-4-2010: Game Day Edition

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Back-to-back games in the NHL are killer. Back-to-back games that involve travel are brutal. Back-to-back games that involve travel that is delayed by over an hour and half due to a snowstorm... well, that's just plain mean. This is what happened to the Wild, as they will face Dallas tonight after not getting out of the airport under after midnight due to de-icing delays.

Should be a fun one.

New today comes from some rather random sources. editor Glen Andresen makes a rare appearance in the Walk, and an opposition newspaper also joins the fun. You know, just for good measure.

It's Saturday, which means a slow day here at Hockey Wilderness. There is a military Wild fan interview in the queue, if it decides to actually publish. You can head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day, and you can make fun of the picture above. If you are around, anyway.

Enjoy your day, folks.

Wild News

Flashes of Wild playmaking draw cheers but not desired result | - Rachel Blunt fills in for Russo. The playmaking was nice to watch, however, still need a finisher at some point.

Richards hoping return of 2 forwards is a catalyst | - Kobasew and Bouchard returning will make some fear for playing time. Some. You really think Mikko is shaking in his skates? Doubtful.

Five Takeaways vs. Calgary - Minnesota Wild - Features - offers their insights to the Flames game. Though, I'm not sure who sets a VCR anymore...

Martin Havlat stays hot, but Minnesota Wild lose in shootout - - Havlat's shoulders have to be getting tired. Would be nice to see someone else take advantage of the space he is creating.

Wild feeling urgency to move to front of Pack - FSN with their take on the game. Still blows me away that FSN has a writer.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Goose eggs on the menu - Another good night for goalies. Always good when the head-case class is happy.

Off the Trail

Minnesota advil  - The Wild relieved the Flames' headache last night. Le sigh.