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Wilderness Walk for 12-5-2010

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Break time. Four days off. Anyone remember what happened the last time the Wild had four days off? The Wild came back and began this little stinkfest they've been in for the past two weeks. Comforting, isn't it?

Today's Walk is a quick one, but with some strong emotion behind it. No... really. There is anxiety, fear, stress, sadness, and happiness. Very rarely do we ask you to get emotional. Usually we ask you to remove the emotion. Today, let it in a little bit. Feel it, experience it.

Sometimes, to better understand your favorite team, and those involved with it, you have to let the emotions in. Don't go jump off a bridge or anything... just... live it for a few minutes.

Also, before we get too far into the holiday and forget completely. Happy Hanukkah to anyone of the Jewish faith in our audience.

Wild News

Late comeback aside, Wild's slump continues | - The players and coaches are talking about moral victories and improvement. Are you buying it? I've been writing about moral victories since 2008. Sure would be nice to see some, you know, actual victories.

Fear as coaching tool suits Cullen | - Fear works. It has proven throughout history. The thing is, it only continues to work if you make it clear you aren't kidding. Vlad the Impaler didn't become Dracula by constantly threatening to bleed people dry.

Wild painfully reminded again that close doesn't count - - Growing up, I was told close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and thermonuclear weapons. Are we using any of those? Didn't think so.

Niklas Backstrom credits UMD alum Bob Mason with Minnesota Wild's goalie success - - Ah, but Bob Mason is the problem, right Quick Facts? Oh wait... no.

Off the Trail

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: An ode to a prose pro | - If you make it through this without a tear or goosebumps, I just don't think you are human. Amazing piece from Russo. My bet? Given the space, this one could have filled the A section of the paper.

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