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Wilderness Walk for 12-7-2010

Lest we never forget. Today is Pearl Harbor day, folks. For those that were asleep in history class, Pearl Harbor drew the US into WWII. Something we were probably going to end up involved in anyway, but that did it. It is the "Greatest Generation's" September 11th. And, it is a day that the current generation needs to know has some meaning. If you are out and about today, and see a WWII vet (or any vet for that matter), give them a quick thank you for their service.

Or, brush up on your German. It's up to you.

As for the Walk, it is short and sweet today. Good stuff about Richards and his job security, mostly. Also, USA Hockey should have an announcement today. Enjoy that. Head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day. Maybe we'll talk about the USA hockey team a bit.


Ah yes, Animal House. If you haven't seen this movie... you need to not talk to me until you have. And if you don't get why the clip is funny, well, we may need to have more history lessons.

Wild News

Richards keeping his cool but knows change possible | - I like that (at least publicly) he still focused on the team and not on his job. It has to be on his mind, but all he can do is his job.

Minnesota Wild coach Todd Richards upbeat despite team's recent slump - - More on the Richards situation from across the river. Also, a reminder that the Wild's record is almost identical to what it was last year at this point. So much for progress.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Penguins extend streak; Sharks knock off Wings - What's that? The Wings lost. Awww... poor Red Wings.

Off the Trail

USA Hockey - If you haven't figured out what the announcement today is, here is your final hint.

Enjoy your day, folks.


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