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Wilderness Walk for 12-8-2010

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The Wild are getting some national coverage, and not for good reasons. Right now, the Wild sit just one point from the Western Conference basement. One point. One. The are exactly one point above an Oilers team that no predicted could play a mite squad and win. One point above an Oilers squad whose sole mission this season was to learn how to lose.

Le sigh.

Meanwhile, some interesting reports out of Wild base camp. Turns out Brent Burns didn't have a concussion the last time around. Who knew? It also seems that a US Army Ranger is what it is going to take to turn this around. Matt Foley is next week.

Make sure you do yourself a favor and go enter to win the Wild branded Flip Cam. This is a really cool piece of technology, and all you need to do is leave a comment about why you want it. No strings attached. Yes, really. If I could win it, I'd be all over this. I've wanted one for over a year, and now that we have one, we're giving it away to you. Because we love you. Now go! Enter, will ya?

Oh... and the Facebook Question of the Day. Don't forget about that.

Wild News

Burns wants it known: My head's just fine | - It is good to know just what was ailing Burns. Also, interesting to see him drop the M11 helmet, and the information that doctors don't think they help. Must read article, folks. Must read.

Wild's Brent Burns says he's ready to play despite taking a helmet to the face and losing four teeth - -More on the Burns news from across the river.

Just what the Minnesota Wild needed: a pep talk - - Personally, I think what the Wild need is a swift kick in the rear from someone who has the authority to do so. But hey, if the Army Ranger does the trick, so be it.

Off the Trail

The Hockey News: Rory Boylen's Blog: Blog: Minnesota Wild missing Jacques Lemaire - It irritates me to no end when writers write about what the fans want, or what the fans are longing for, without actually talking to any fans. Who the hell wants Lemaire back? Does anyone out there actually want that back? Really? Anyone?If you are going to write about what the fans are thinking, you may want to actually talk to a couple first.

Ryan Miller clone among perfect holiday gifts for all 30 NHL teams - Darren Eliot - - Looking for the perfect gift for the Wild this year? How about a mirror. I'd say it's a novel idea, but for a different reason. They need to look in the mirror and admit just how bad they are right now. Positive thinking is great. Knowing you stink is better, and can be fixed.

Cisco's TelePresence a key new tool for NHL - - News
 - Look. The Flip cam we are giving away is a Cisco product. I have no problem with Cisco. None. They are a very innovative company with some very cool products and services. However, when one of your staff writers writes an article that is nothing more than an infomercial, that is going too far. Tacky, Mr. Rosen. Tacky, NHL. Announce the partnership, praise your new sponsor, sure. But don't have your staff writers write about how space agey this teleconference stuff is. It is old technology, and your fans already know it. Save the infomercial for when you partner up with Ron Popeil.