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Wilderness Walk 2-1-2010

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Interesting day yesterday, no? Trades flying like it was the deadline, and something about Nathan's baby being born, but who's keeping track?

Wild News:

Costly power-play mistakes make playoff drive tougher | - Power play goals are all the rage today, just an FYI.

Minnesota Wild take battling spirit into Tuesday's 'big game in Dallas' - - The Wild feel they played pretty well. I agree. The scoreboard? Not so much.

Semi-Wild Related News:

Three Offers for Free Agent Sykora - Craig Custance - The Grinder - Sporting News - Looks like Sykora should have a team in the next couple days. Which is a good thing, for all sides involved.

NHL Re-cap:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 1-31-10: Rematch needs extra time; Kings stun Devils late - Time again for your look at the NHL with KiPA.

Just in Case You Were Wondering:

Source: Flames, Rangers to announce Jokinen-Kotalik deal - Not done yet. Reports are that the Flames are holding it up, but reason is unknown.

It looks at quick glance that Rangers fans are pretty happy, Ducks fans are somewhat happy, Flames fans are miserable, and Leafs fans are either drunk from celebration or hanging from the ledge by their finger nails. Here are the SBN blogs for the teams involved in all the moves yesterday.

Pension Plan Puppets - A Toronto Maple Leafs Blog- It appears to be Brian Burke Day in Toronto.

Anaheim Calling - to the hockey world... - Your Anaheim Ducks Blog - The got rid of a $6M back-up and get Toskala's expiring deal back. Clears up tons of room for July.

Matchsticks and Gasoline - Desperately oscillating between scoring too little and allowing too much since 2004 - Flames blog. They are NOT happy people right now.

Blueshirt Banter - We never, ever, got beat up at a bus stop - Rangers side of the whole mess. They seem pretty happy about offloading the contracts.


If I have some time today, maybe we'll look at these trades from a Wild fan perspective. Also, you know, once the Flames and Rags actually announce the deal.

Enjoy the day.