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Wilderness Walk for 2-10-2010

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Hey all, it's GAME DAY! I have good news and bad today, so stick with me.

First Things First:

NHL Tweetup/Hockey Wilderness Gathering - Register Here - Hockey Wilderness - Nathan has set up a Tweetup for the Wilderness. Looks like it is going to be a good time. Register, so we know how many are coming! Do it. You know you want to. DO IT!

Wild News:

Wild will drop puck in Helsinki vs. Hurricanes, to Finns' delight | - As reported here yesterday, and will be widely discussed, the Wild are opening in Finland next year.

Minnesota Wild's three Finns are in for a treat - - A little different angle on the Finland story.

KiPA's Corner:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 2-9-10: Awards night - Here is our first dose of bad news:

The "Holy crap, how many shootouts were there?" of the night
The answer is four of the seven games played. Three of them featured teams around the Wild in the standings.

Enemy Newspaper:

Arizona Republic Sports News - Phoenix Arizona Newspaper Sports - - If you find an article about the Coyotes, let me know.

Off the Trail:

Vonn tells Today Show's Matt Lauer she has shin injury |
 - This is bad news. Both for Vonn, and the olympic team, and for us here at HW. Why? This is the current Russo's Rants post. (sigh)Keep up the good work Russo. We know you are doing your job. We just miss hockey already.

Google unveils an excellent Winter Olympics tracker - Fourth-Place Medal - Olympics Blog - Yahoo! Sports- It is actually pretty cool. Google Maps has made a special Olympics page. Check it out.


Hope to see you tonight for the 'Yotes.