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Wilderness Walk for 2-12-2010 GAME DAY

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Game day, folks. Against the now Kovalchukless Thrashers. They have been playing extremely well since his departure, so don't over look this game. As has been mentioned by a few people, if the Wild lose one or both of the remaining home games, it could be sell time. This is important.

First Things First:

NHL Tweetup/Hockey Wilderness Gathering - Register Here - Hockey Wilderness - Why are you not registered for this yet? Huh? Post excuses in the comments so I can ridicule you until you register. Thank you.

Wild News:

Injured Harding forced to rest, heal, wait | -Looks like Hards will be sidelined (not even benched) until after the break. You are welcome Ms. C.

Shooter Now: One punch changed Boogaard's life; Dave Tippett was original Wild's Plan B - - Some other Wild blogs have made a pretty big deal about this article. Nothing wrong with that. Boogey articles are few and far between, but he learned to protect himself after someone broke his jaw? So would I. So would you. Nothing special here.

Wild told they need to be playoff-sharp now - - In your bit of John Madden-esque wisdom, we are told that the Wild need to play their best hockey right now in order to make the playoffs. Thanks, all. I may have missed that.

Game Day Enemy News:

Atlanta Thrashers | - Ha. Right. If you find news about the Thrashers here, you're a better person than I.

Bird Watchers Anonymous - SBN Thrashers blog. Mush better place for news.

Trade News:

Bob McKenzie (TSNBobMcKenzie) on Twitter - Just last night I talked a bit about Matt Cullen. He is now a Senator. Good thing I'm not a rumor site writer, or people may have sent me money for being wrong.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 2-11-10: Change at the top; Nabokov stymies Wings - Nabby had a great game. Read about it here.

News from the System:

Aeros' Falk grows into his defensive game - - AHL Update - Not too often a Wild prospect ends up on Read it.

Off the Trail:

New Feature: Facebook Connect on SB Nation - Blog Huddle - You can now sign into SBN using Facebook. Interesting idea, I guess.

Jersey Fouls: Minnesota verbiage; why not every sweater's foul - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - I would not normally link to jersey fouls, but the first two are from the X. If these are you, defend yourself. If you know these people, please pass on a good natured slap to the back of the head from me.

John Buccigross: The world lost a great light in Brendan Burke - ESPN- A few select people on this earth illuminate. They shine with a softened glow. Brendan Gilmore Burke was one of those people. - Wanted to include this because it shows a couple things. One, John Buccigross is a good man, as we all knew, but he is wasting his talents being at ESPN. Second, we can pay tribute to Brenden Burke without constantly reminding the world that he was gay. Not once does Bucci mention that, not one time. It is NOT the only thing about Brenden we should remember, and if that is the only thing you ever remember about him, then you are robbing yourself. Great job, Bucci.

See you tonight, folks.