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(Updated) TRADE THREAD: Cam Barker to Wild for Johnsson and Leddy

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In a last minute move, the Wild and Blackhawks have finished a deal to send Kim Johnsson and 2009 first round draft Nick Leddy to Chicago for defenseman Cam Barker.

Watch Second City Hockey for Chicago spin on the deal.

Make the jump for numbers and discussion.

First off, the NHLers:

Kim Johnsson

#5 / Defenseman / Minnesota Wild



Mar 16, 1976

2009 - Kim Johnsson 52 6 8 14 3 26 3 0 0 0 84 7.1



Cam Barker

#25 / Defenseman / Chicago Blackhawks



Apr 04, 1986

2009 - Cam Barker 51 4 10 14 7 58 3 0 1 0 74 5.4


Now, everyone take a big, deep breath, OK. Ready? IIIIIIIIIIINNNNNN and OOOOOOOOUUUUUUTTTT....

Feel better? If not, do it again.

Cam Barker is 24 years old, and was the #3 overall pick in 2004. The guys taken before him? Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin. He's in good company.

Johnsson is 34, on the tailend of his career, and headed into a UFA summer, and Barker is signed through 2011-12 at a cap hit of 3.083 million per.

Breaking this down, I can already hear people up in arms about Nick Leddy being included in the deal. I understand that he is a local boy, playing for the Gophers, and is the "Great Minnesota Hope." However, he is a prospect, he is an unproven, Barker is a proven, and hopefully only getting better.

I am not going to pass judgment just yet on this deal. Off the top of my head, and from the gut, here it is: I hate that they traded away a prospect. Was hoping to add picks and prospects, not lose them. However, Barker is a premium player. I have to put the faith in Fletcher right now. This isn't He Who Shall No Longer Be Named. This is Fletch, the guy who got Latendresse.

UPDATE 3:21 PM - From Sam, oh he of The Committed Indian and Second City Hockey, with some thoughts on Barker:

Well, I'm one of the few Barker fans around.  He'll never be able to live down being drafted #3 behind Malkin and Ovechkin, but who could?  Barker this year just was unfit for his role.  With Keith and Seabrook up top, and Campbell finding his game with Hjalmarsson, Barker was restricted to the 3rd pairing.  Moreover, Quenneville lost faith in him in a hurry after a very rocky start to the season, and took him off his specialty which is the power play.  Barker can look awfully slow at times, and immobile, and you'll drink yourself to death waiting for him to play to his size consistently.

That said, he can be a force.  Last year, he was the best player on the ice in the first round against the Flames.  When spirited, he'll hit everything in sight.  When given the keys to the power play, he's got a booming shot and makes smart decisions with the puck.  He's not a QB so much because he doesn't have the wheels to bring it from his zone.  Think Tomas Kaberle.  He's still only 23, and one day he's going to turn into a very, very good d-man.  Sadly, there wasn't room for him here.  He also sounds like he smokes a pack of Cowboy Killers a day, for what that's worth.  

If Barker is given Top-4 minutes and the patience to fuck up a little, I think Wild fans will grow to like him a whole lot.

I open the floor to debate.


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