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Wilderness Walk for 2-13-2010

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Saturday. Delayed Walk. Hmmm... I notice a pattern forming.

First things First:

NHL Tweetup/Hockey Wilderness Gathering - Register Here - Hockey Wilderness - Register. Come. Enjoy.

Wild News:

There will be no Wild news today, since nothing really happened yesterday. Oh wait...


Emotions, penalties take a toll as Thrashers hand Wild second straight home loss - - Pioneer Press gamer.

Penalties pile up in Wild loss | - Stensaas' gamer.

Did anything else happen yesterday?

Trade adds Barker into Wild fold | Russo and Stensaas team up to give us their take.

Wild trades Kim Johnsson and Nick Leddy to Chicago Blackhawks for defenseman Cam Barker; Talking to Zidlicky | - The story as it broke.

Wild land Barker as trade window shuts - - Brothers' take.

Hitting The Post: Fletcher Delivering - Mayor of Russoville, NiNY gives us his take.

Hitting The Post: Wild acquire Barker, ship Johnsson - KiPA chimes in with an outsider's perspective.

Cam Barker Traded to Minnesota Wild " Fifth Feather - A non-SBN Chicago blog. Good take.

Second City Hockey - SBN Chicago blog, featuring tons of comments, and a blurb by some strange guy who writes about the Wild. Enjoy.

Leddy Traded; More Bad Press for the Gophers - Western College Hockey Blog - Interesting take from the college perspective.

Barker arrives; Harding in as backup against Canucks? | - Current Russo's Rants. Barker is here. Good news on Harding, bad news for Ms. Conduct.

Let me look around a minute here. Any other trade info? Anyone? Anyone? No? OK. Moving on.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 2-12-10: Ilya's first; Duchene's brace - Kovalchuk scored! Yea! Time to ignore the Devils again.

News from the System:

The Third Intermission: State of the Union, Aeros Style - Excellent read form our friends at T3I

"Free Brusty," Aeros Fans Cry - Houston News - Hair Balls - John makes his case to keep Ms. Conduct happy. Enjoy the art work.

Whew. That was quite the work out. If you read all the posts, give yourself a gold star for the day.