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Wilderness Walk for 2-14-2010

Happy made up love themed holiday everybody! What a fitting opponent in the Canucks. It could be a sad day today. No NHL hockey for two weeks. No Wild games until March 3. The Olympic hockey better be worth it. Here we go.

First things First:

FYI - Cam Barker will wear #45. Eric Belanger wears Barker's old #25. Extra credit if you can list former players who wore #45. Ready? Go!

NHL Tweetup/Hockey Wilderness Gathering - Register Here - Hockey Wilderness - How many of you are signed up? No really. I don't know. Tell me.

Wild News: The Best Place for Minor Hockey News - Some idiot (me) with an article about the top 5 LW prospects in the Wild system right now. Please, let me know what you think. Agree, disagree, messed up the rankings, who did I leave out...

Minnesota Wlid's changes all with playoffs in mind - - Brothers with his game day story.

Barker a new guy with a new opportunity | - EXCELLENT article from Stensaas. Must read kind of stuff.

Anton Khudobin - This isn't really a news article, but it is from a good source for fantasy hockey info. It says Anton and Harding both have wonky hips. I have heard nothing about Borat to this point. Hmm...

Game Day Enemy Newspaper:

Sports - Hockey - The Vancouver Sun - Think anyone in Vancouver will even be watching?

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 2-13-10: Sabres rebound; Briere powers Flyers to sweep - As always, an excellent re-cap.

News from the System:

Ms. Conduct: Ahhh, that's better.... - When Ms. C is happy, we're all happy. Great job Brusty.

Off the Trail:

Q&A with Derek Plante, former NHL player |  - In town to host the Red Bull pond hockey tourny, Plante sat down for a Q&A. Enjoy.

Remember, early start today. 2PM. See you then.