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Olympic Hockey Schedule

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For those who will be following the United States hockey teams through the Olympics, I humbly offer a link, and a schedule. I will also post the schedules for the nations sporting Wild players. Perhaps a daily schedule will be included as part of the Wilderness Walk. Not sure what else we'll talk about for the next two weeks.

Make the jump.

Full Schedule is here.

TV Schedule is here.

I hope these times are correct. The listing says ET, but says it is for the Minneapolis area. Will update if I find the times are incorrect.

Tuesday 2-16-2010


2PM USA vs Switzerland - USA Network


4:30 pm - USA vs Russia - MSNBC

Wednesday 2-17-2010

2PM - Finland vs Belarus - MSNBC

Thursday 2-18-2010


2PM USA vs Norway - USA Network

11:30 Czech Republic vs Slovakia


4:30PM USA vs FInland - MSNBC

Friday 2-19-2010

7PM Czech Republic vs Latvia - CNBC

Saturday 2-20-2010


11PM Finland vs Germany

Sunday 2-21-2010


2PM - Czech Republic vs Russia - KARE, Channel 11

6PM - USA vs Canada - MSNBC


Monday 2-22-2010


2PM USA vs TBD - Semi Final Round

Win or go home.


11PM (replay) - Finland vs Sweden

I guess they do not assume Finalnd makes it out of group play, because no further games are scheduled to air. Things could change, obviously.

Wednesday 2-24-2010


2PM - USA vs TBD - Quarterfinal round.

This game assumes they make it out of group play. Stay tuned for any games following this one.


USA Network  Channel 242 on DirecTV, 37 on Comcast

MSNBC - Channel 356 on DirecTV, 62 on Comcast

CNBC - Channel 355 on DirecTV, 60 on Comcast