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Wilderness Walk for 2-16-2010 OLYMPIC STYLE

Not many links for you today, and don't be concerned if there is maybe a day or two without a walk. We are still here, but the hockey world is pretty much on pause. We are following the Olympics and will bring you that news, or any other news that may be pertinent or fun.

In other words, don't leave us. We're needy.

Here's the short version.

Russo back on Hockey:

Team USA likes being seen as the underdog | - Who is the favorite to win it all? Canada? Russia? USA? You tell us. Could be Sweden.

Olympic hockey starts Tuesday |  - Current Russo's Rants.

Havlat welcomes Jagr back | - Having the best damn beat writer in sports covering the Olympics is going to result in us getting some good stories about the Wild players there. This is one. Enjoy.

Another Olympic Schedule:

Olympic Schedule for the 2010 Olympics - - Olympics Ice Hockey Schedule - This one from the NHL. Only lists the men's games, but it is much more straight forward.

In other news:

Wild Blog-Off (Round 4) - The NHL Arena - Hockey Wilderness won by a decisive margin, even if there were few votes cast. Thank you to all who voted. Don't forget to check out the other Wild blogs, too. The Wild blogosphere is growing, and we are pleased to share the company of some very good writers.

That's it folks. Hopefully some news comes out of Houston or something. Otherwise, we get the Olympics.

USA vs Swtizerland today. 2PM, USA network. Channel 242 DirecTV, 36 Comcast, 105 on Dish Network.

Charter Cable will not show me a channel listing, as I do not live in their service area. Can anyone help us out with a channel listing for USA, CNBC, and MSNBC?