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Wilderness Walk for 2-18-2010

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I don't have all that much for you, but wanted to pass along a couple links before they get too stale.

Wild Olympian News:

Backstrom feels hockey love in Canada | - I am not finding many articles about the Wild Olympians not written by Russo, so we'll just roll with it.

Wild captain Koivu is Finland's finest | - Good to see Mikko getting his due. Lord knows, he has worked long enough to deserve it.

Olympic stuff:

NBC catches Shaun White, coach having vulgar chat before gold - Fourth-Place Medal - 2010 Olympics Blog - Yahoo! Sports - This is awesome. Stick with it, since at the beginning it reads as though they are blaming White. I thought it was awesome live, too.

Olympic Goalie Masks Photo Gallery | Masks | Hockey Goalie Resource by Goaltenders for Goaltenders - Cool post with pictures of all of the different goalies masks in the Olympics.

News from the System:

Greenville approves five-year lease for Johnstown Chiefs - Blades' Blog - Not many hurdles left before the Chiefs move. Will be interesting to see the Wild's reaction. OK, not really all that interesting, but hey.

Olympic Schedule:

US vs Canada Men's 2PM - USA Network

Switzerland vs Canada Men's 6:30 - CNBC

Slovakia vs Russia Men's 10:55 - CNBC


US vs Finland Women's 4:30 - MSNBC

Russia vs China Women's - 9:00 CNBC


Enjoy the day.