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Wilderness Walk for 2-20-2010

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Looks like about once ever two days there are enough links to make a walk worth while. Don't count on that, but that's how it looks.


Olympic News:

Pressure Builds On NBC To Explain Why It’s Ruining The Olympics - NBC is going to have to answer questions eventually, aren't they? Some blogs and news articles out there say no, they won't. I guess they don't have to, but it sure would help it so I don't turn off their network after the Olympics.

Questions For NBC, The Network That Prevents You From Watching The Olympics - Speaking of questions, here are some good ones to start with.

Olympic Hockey News:

Finally in Canadian Club after all these years, Lemaire shares his wisdom | - Good article from Russo about Lemaire and a supposed beef with Team Canada.

Puck fever reaches peak in Vancouver | - Somehow, I missed this article completely. Pretty good though. Puck fans are crazy about their sport? Nah. I don't buy it.

Russian women's hockey - A good article about why Russian women's hockey is lagging so far behind. For all of the women's hockey haters out there... get bent. It's a money issue, not a talent issue.

A mystery solved: It's Zhid-LITS-ky | - Ugh. Really? LITS? Alright, fine. We'll say it his way.

Wild News:

Leddy responded well to trade, schedule will be fixed | - Since Leddy was traded out of the system, the first part is of marginal interest, but it is the second part that got me. Lucia accused Russo of using recycled quotes for the article about the trade. A word of advice to Mr. Lucia: We like R more than we like you right now, I'd watch where you're stepping.

That's it. Two days worth. Sorry.

Hockey looks pretty weak today. So weak that Russo is covering ski jumping.

Norway v Switzerland at 2PM on MSNBC

Latvia v Slovakia at 6:30 on MSNBC

Germany vs Belarus at 10:55 on MSNBC

There is no scheduled women's hockey.

Later all.