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Carson McMillan Suspended Four Games (Video)

Continuing an unpleasant streak by Wild prospects, Carson McMillan has been suspended for four games by the AHL for a hit against the Chicago Wolves. We now have video up on YouTube, via Hundred Degree Hockey, who got video from our good friend Ms. Conduct over at The Third Intermission (2:30 mark):

It is clear McMillan his him in the head, and he came up from underneath to do so. While the puck was in play here, McMillan did not make a shoulder to shoulder hit, and pooped up into Patrick Galivan's head, and it looks like he led with an elbow as well.

The play not only was stupid, but completely ineffective as the Wolves scored while McMillan was more concerned with making the big hit. It has yet to become an official trend from prospects, but if players in the organization continue to be suspended, higher ups may need to knock some heads together.

Hate to see anyone get hurt, and it Galivan left the ice under his own power, which is excellent news.