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Wilderness Walk for 2-27-2010

If you are an Olympics nut, like I am, be prepared. It all ends on Sunday. Ugh. Hey, at least we get NHL hockey back, right? Right.

The walk today is a good one. If you notice a theme however, it is that there is only one non-Star Tribune link. Right now, the Trib has us covered both with the Olympics, and with the Wild. It is a well managed balancing act that few have managed to pull off. Congrats to the Trib, to Russo, to Souhan, and to those that have covered for Russo while he is gone, Brian Stensaas and Chip Scoggins. They have all done a phenomenal job.

Here we go.


Olympics means odd friendships | - In all sports you hate guys. I mean hate. Then, they are on your team, and you find out, they are human. Awesome.

Team USA routs Finland to reach gold medal game | - Gamer from Russo.

Jim Souhan: Brian Burke should take a bow for his masterful USA creation | - I have to admit. I am a Brian Burke transition fan. I still hate the way his teams play, but I have begrudgingly become a fan of his in the past few weeks.

USA vs. Canada: The Rematch | - One of about twelve Russo's Rants updates yesterday.

USA-Finland quotes | - Good, raw quotes from the Olympics.

USA ahead 6-0 after 1 period on Finland | - Another Rants update.

In other Good News:

Women's hockey league eyes partnering with NHL - Fourth-Place Medal - 2010 Olympics Blog - Yahoo! Sports
 - Personally, I think they are selling themselves short with the plan. I think there needs to be teams in Chicago, Detroit, and here in Minnesota as well, at the very least.

Wild News:

Wild's top focus is making up ground over stretch run | - Chip Scoggins with another good piece.

Barker becoming more comfortable | - A Russo's Rants update from Scoggins from practice.

Also, the Wild release ticket prices for next season. I have not looked into the details, but the avergae ticket price did go up 2.3%, and there are more price tiers. If I get a chance today, I will look at it and try to spell it out.