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Where Are They Now? Wild Draft Picks in 2008

The final draft of the Dark Ages. The final draft of He Who Shall Remain Nameless. This one is difficult to give clear cut ratings on, as they are still in their developmental years, many still with junior teams. Still, we need to make it through this. We need to close out the dark ages and bring in the light.

Make the jump. Let's start the healing together.

Round One: Tyler Cuma - Still with his junior team, Cuma missed most of last season with a knee injury. He did not get invited to be part of Team Canada for the World Juniors, which was a disappointment to Cuma, and to Wild fans. However, Cuma is now 20 years old, meaning he can be placed with the Aeros, which will likely happen either next season or even at thetail end of this season, once his OHL season ends.

The book is very much unwritten here. He has shown flashes of brilliance and streaks of mediocrity. Should fit right in, eh?

The major downside is that the Wild traded away their third round pick to move up one spot (!) to take Cuma. Hey, draft picks, schmraft picks. Sigh.

Result: Neutral - Still developing. Give him another couple years, but he better start showing more than he is now.

Round Two: Marco Scandella - Another Wild prospect who has run into suspension issues. He is on a point per game pace in the QMJHL. This could turn out to be the best pick of this draft for the Wild, depending on how Cuma progresses. Also 20 years old, my bet is that Scandella gets a taste of the AHL next season.

Result: Neutral - Still developing. Having a good season in the Q, and his development looks to be on pace. Notice I did not say ahead of the pace. He looks to have a style that will fit well in the new Wild system, so if he can find a solid work ethic, he could be a win.

Round Three: No pick. Traded away. Again. Gag.

Round Four: Sean Lorenz (D) - Another defenseman drafted. This time, and NCAA defenseman. Playing with Notre Dame, Lorenz is a stay at home type d-man, something the Wild organization just did not and does not need any more of. He has three points in 31 games this season, his sophomore year. Not exactly mind blowing.

Result: I'm going to step out on the edge a bit and say Bust. I could be wrong, and that is a real possibility, but I just don't get the greatest vibe here. Looks like an ECHLer in the making.

Round Five: Eero Elo (LW) - Ten points in fourteen games in Finland this season. His name came up quite a bit at the World Junior Championship. The Wild picked this guy out of absolute nowhere. Even the NHL didn't have a clue who he was, as there was no name plate ready for him for the draft board. Here again, a fifth round pick I have no problem taking a risk on a long shot pick, but he also gives the vibe that he is not going to cross the pond to play in the AHL, and thus will not get much of a shot in the NHL.

Result: Leaning toward bust, but it is early yet.

Round Six: No pick. Traded for Chris Simon, likely the worst trade in team history. Simon played what, six games for the Wild? Made He Who Shall Remain Nameless answer to the fans for the first time though, too. People were not happy that Simon was brought to this team. Who can blame them. Joke.

Round Seven: No pick. Traded to New Jersey for Aaron Voros. Ugh. I guess I'm neutral on that. Voros contributed in an energy role for the Wild. Clutterbuck stole his job though, and that makes us all happy.

Summary: Only four picks in this draft due to trading picks away. This draft was just another nail in the coffin for He Who Shall Remain Nameless. I think Craig Leipold was watching closely as his GM traded away pick after pick. Even if the pick doesn't make it and is a bust, at least they got to make the pick. I'm going to give this draft a D-, giving potential credit for Cuma and Scandella. The fact that three picks were traded away, including a third rounder to move up ONE SPOT makes me sick to my stomach still.