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Wilderness Walk for 2-4-2010

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I will begin working on a game thread here shortly. It can't be that hard, right? I mean, Nathan does it. Shh... don't tell him I said that. He just had a baby, he's happy. Don't ruin it for him.

Short walk today. No game yesterday, so most of the news that is Wild related is about Steve Ott, and bah. Oh, and in case you hadn't heard, some guy named Ilya Kovalchuk looks to be traded very soon. But hey, Eklund said the Wild aren't involved. Which of course means Kovalchuk will be in Saint Paul by tomorrow. (No he won't. That was a joke about Eklund's inability to make a correct prediction.)

Wild News:

The Third Intermission: UPDATED And You Need A Scorecard Because... - Anton Khodubin AND Wade Dubielewciz will be your goalies tonight, barring a miracle return of one of the normal guys. Um. Fun?

Right time, right place for Wild? | - Stensaas reminds us that the time in now for the Wild to make a push. Too little, too late?

Minnesota Wild need to make up ground on five-game home stand - - The Bruce Brothers version of the Star Tribune article.

Game Day Enemy Newspapers:

Edmonton Journal – Oilers – Breaking Oilers News, Oil Country, Game Photos, Oiler Blogs

Hockey | Sports | Edmonton Sun

KiPA's Korner:

NHL Re-Cap - Wait a minute. Who has a ten game winning streak? The Senators? Are they still a team? I thought they moved to New Mexico. Huh. Good for them. Wait. I dropped both goalies from Ottawa in my fantasy leagues? Son of a....

Off the Trail:

Blue Jackets fire Ken Hitchcock as head coach, elevate assistant Claude Noel as interim coach | - All I can say is, "It's about damn time."

Follow your favorite team on Twitter - - News - If you are a Twitter user, there are lists of other fans on Who knew?

Enjoy the day, folks. I'm off to figure out how to make a game thread.