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Ah Yes. There it is. Foot in Mouth Syndrome.

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In a podcast on the Atlanta Thrashers website, Ilya Kovalchuk answered an array of questions. None of the questions was particularly probing, none of the answer particularly telling until that one, the one question, and the one answer that everyone will be talking about. Or should be.

At the 3:31 mark, the question comes from a yet unnamed reporter:

Do you get to a point where you say to Jay, 'Get a deal done, take what's on the table?'

And Kovalchuk opens his mouth as wide as he can, and in a performance usually reserved for the summer Olympics, inserts his foot squarely in his mouth:

But it should be a good deal for everybody, not just one side. You know? We are [hockey players], but I have a family and three kids, too.

Forgive him the language barrier, if you must, but you know what Ilya? Buddy? I have two kids and a family, too. Don't try and sell me the "I have a family" routine. You and your agent have turned down contracts worth more money than 99.99999% of the world will ever see.You get a lot of over draft notices, do ya, Ilya? Trouble finding enough bread to feed your poor, starving children?

I am not going to beat the already dead horse on this topic. It should be clear where I stand on this issue already.

Respect for Ilya Kovalchuk = 0.

However, what I will do is add his face to the new Mount Greedmore. Ilya Kovalchuk, Marian Gaborik, Randy Moss, and Latrell Spreewell. Any other nominations?

Later all.