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A Short Description of the Gilles Hit

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Thanks to Ms.Conduct, I got a chance to see the video of the hit Colton Gilles made that earned him a two-game suspension. Since I cannot share the video (it is not linkable, nor embeddable) here is a brief description.

Around the 11 minute mark of the third period, the Aeros lost a face off to the left of Brust. Off the face off, the puck circled around and was headed back toward the point. Gilles lost is stick in a minor scrum near the net and skated hard toward the point, and the the puck. Defenseman for Peoria, Bryce Lampman scooped up the puck and turned to protect it and make a play off the boards. Gilles was coming in hard from the slot and pushed Lampman from behind, two hands, square to the numbers.

Lampman went down hard, but the camera angle did not show the injury, for better or worse. Aeros players immediately called for the trainer, and Lampman was taken off on a stretcher.

For what it's worth, the hit was bad. Had it been in the NHL, it would have been a spin on the wheel of justice, and since Gilles is not star, and Lampman was hurt, he would likely still have been suspended.

If I find a video I can embed, I will share it. Just wanted to at least get a description of the hit out there, and let you all know that the suspension was justified.