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Twin Cities NHL Tweetup/Hockey Wilderness gathering: When and Where?

Hey there Wilderness;

We're planning on sponsoring the Twin Cities version of NHL Tweetup and pairing it with a Hockey Wilderness viewing party. Check out the site for more information on NHL Tweetup.

We've heard from many who would prefer it be on a night where the Wild are on the road, and we're working with some bars and restaurants around the X who would love to have a decent sized gathering on a non-game night. Also, we want to avoid the state tourney, so that week is out.

So, what we need from all of you is a vote for the night of the event, and if you have a suggestion for location, let us know in the comments.

EDIT: We may need to get out of the Xcel Energy Center area in order to have this in March and avoid tourney traffic.