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Free NHL Center Ice Package: March 2-8

Did you fall in love with Ryan Kesler, Zach Parise, Jonathan Toews or Tore Vikingstad during the Olympics? Well, I can't help you follow Vikingstad for the rest of the DEL season with the Hannover Scorpions, but the NHL is looking to help you with your hockey fix.


Race For The Cup(tm) Offer Gives Hockey Fans Live, Out-Of-Market Games On Cable for Rest of Season For Special Price


NEW YORK, March 1, 2010 -Cable systems will be offering digital customers a free preview of the NHL* Center Ice* package from March 2-8 to get fans back into the NHL hockey spirit after a break for the 2010 Winter Olympics, announced package distributor iN DEMAND L.L.C. and the National Hockey League (NHL). Among the cable MSOs offering the package distributed by iN DEMAND this year are: Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Bright House Networks, Cablevision Systems, Bresnan Communications, Charter Communications, Midcontinent, plus a number of independent MSOs.

With NHL Center Ice, the out-of-market subscription package of live NHL games, digital cable customers can check out up to 40 out-of-market games per week across 14 channels, including a wealth of enhancements to enrich the viewing experience. Following the free preview, in DEMAND L.L.C and the NHL are presenting the NHL Center Ice Race For The Cup offer which delivers this service in addition to select games from the first two rounds of the Stanley Cup(r) Playoffs for two installments of $39.95 each or a one-time payment of $79.90.

Package enhancements include:

MULTI-SCREEN MOSAIC: This season, fans continue to receive free enhancements, including the popular rotating mosaic of multiple screens that shows all the live action games being played around the League, along with score, time clock and channel location. The multi-screen mosaic can be found on the first channel of the system's package lineup.

SAME DAY REPLAYS: One new enhancement which became available for the full season this year is replays of same day games. Free to all NHL Center Ice customers, the package re-airs each current day's game beginning approximately one hour after live play ends so that fans can see games they might have missed. Each game will replay in its entirety, repeated continuously overnight and the next day, on the same channel, until the following day's live games begin.

DUAL FEEDS: Returning this year are the popular "dual-feed" telecasts, which deliver both teams' announcers. Whenever possible, iN DEMAND delivers both the home and visiting team broadcasts of the same game so that fans can choose which telecast they want to watch.

STAT CHANNEL: Cable customers also receive NHL CENTER ICE EXTRA(tm), a live source for scores, statistics, game previews, game recaps and schedule information. This can be found on the second channel of the system's package lineup.

HD GAMES: The package also offers up to 12 games each week in high definition. HD availability varies by system.

Throughout the regular season, NHL Center Ice provides fans the opportunity to watch over 1,000 live NHL games, plus select games from the first two rounds of Stanley Cup* Playoff competition. More information about NHL Center Ice is available at Residential customers as well as commercial establishments can order by calling 1-888-SPORTS-iN or their local cable provider. Blackout and other restrictions apply.

So, here's your chance to see what you've been missing, and see some really cool technology in action with the Center Ice add-ons.