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Wilderness Walk for 3-10-2010

Short Walk again today. Here's why: There were a few blog posts out there that would have made it in past Walks. However, with last night's loss, coupled with the sheer stupidity of the posts, I would have had an aneurysm linking to them. Sometimes, you just have to trust me.

One post said that the interest in Harding from NHL GMs has been heavy and constant. Yeah, not a single call at the deadline, and no offers at the draft. Pretty heavy interest. Right. Moron.

So, do me a favor, take out your copy of Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power, cue up track three and just listen and enjoy for a few minutes. Then go ahead and take a look at the Walk. It makes it way better, I promise.

Gamers and More:

Lame's the name of the Wild game | - If a title of a headline ever told the whole story, this is it.

Florida Panthers 3, Wild 2 (shootout); Burns, Hnidy injured | - Excellent post game Russo's Rants. Very depressing stats, but you need to see them.

Kalus hopes he can erase past mistakes | - For a guy wanting to make a name, Kalus sure didn't do much. Hopefully he gets to practice a few times and try again. Would be nice to know once and for all if this kid is anything worth worrying about.

Outshot 31-11, Wild blow 2-0 lead, lose in shootout to Panthers - - Bruce Brothers gamer. Fairly entertaining lead in.

Road fortunes have to improve - - Any enjoyment you got from reading Brothers' lead-in will be immediately killed if you read this. Now is the time to start winning on the road, Bruce? Now is the time? Really? Not two months ago? Or October? Why is the time now?

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 3-9-10: Flames win key showdown; Playoff proceedings - Good re-cap. Just an FYI, after having a email conversation with KiPA late last night, I am now taking arguments on why we should not refer to the Wild as "Only the Wild." You know, the same way people say "It's only the Oilers" or "It's only the Browns." Convince me, or I am going to start doing it.

Walk on home, boy.