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Kalus back to Houston, Sifers Up

I did not watch for the subtleties of Petr Kalus' NHL debut. I was too busy watching what is being voted as the most embarrassing loss in recent history. However, upon further reflection, and after some explanation from Ms. Conduct, I am willing to accept that he played a decent game.

Sometimes I forget that the guy being called up generally isn't being called up to replace a guy on the top line, but rather someone on the checking line. So, all in all, Kalus' 6:41 is about right, and not having any shots, etc is not unusual. So, sorry, kid. Didn't mean to rain on your parade.

Now, get your arse back to Houston. We apparently don;t need you any more.

Today's news, via is that Kalus is on his way back to Houston, likely meaning Clutterbuck can play again.

The more interesting of the two stories in the headlines is that Jamie Sifers, defenseman, has been called up. If you remember, Shane Hnidy missed most of the game last night, and Brent Burns missed much of the thrid and all of OT with a sore hip. With John Scott being the only extra d-man on the roster, and the complete lack of confidence Todd Richards has in him, it is not surprising to see this move.

Here is the run down on Sifers:

Jaime Sifers

#26 / Defenseman / Minnesota Wild



Jan 18, 1983

2009 - Jaime Sifers 8 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 7 0.0

As you can see, Sifers has 8 games with the Wild this season. Likely pairing would be with Schultz.

Assuming Burns plays (big assumption at this point), the Wild D-pairings would be Zidlicky-Zanon (ZZ), Burns-Barker (BB), Schultz-Sifers (SS)

Enjoy that little piece of mind numbing stupidity. ;-)